of fat. If you take the suggested three servings of CytoGainer each day, you'd be consuming 1,710 calories from the supplement alone. You Might Also Like Dangers of Protein Supplements for Teenagers Fat Content Despite being higher in calories, CytoGainer is lower in fat than Muscle Milk, as the former contains 6 g of fat, while the latter contains 12 g of fat. CytoGainer is also lower in saturated fat, with 3.5 g, compared to 6 g in Muscle Milk. Consuming fat can be beneficial, as it promotes fullness and aids in the absorption of certain vitamins. Too much saturated fat, however, may increase your risk of heart disease, so the USDA suggests consuming fewer than 7 percent of your total calories from saturated fat for optimal health. This equals 15 g of saturated fat on a 2,000-calorie diet. Protein Content CytoGainer and Muscle Milk can be effective at building muscle mostly due to the high protein content the supplements provide. Each serving muscle milk nutrition facts  of CytoGainer provides 54 g of protein, while Muscle Milk contains 32 g per serving. Your body uses protein to build muscle and other tissues, and according to research from the August 2008 issue of "The British Journal of Nutrition," high-protein diets can encourage quicker weight loss and strength retention during weight loss. Carbohydrate Content CytoGainer is much higher in carbohydrates than Muscle Milk; the former contains 75 g per serving, while the latter contains just 18 g.

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Directions For Muscle Milk Gainer: ReDommended usage for individuals loo king to build size and gain muscle mass: Mix 6 oz. 162g, 4 rounded scoops 2 Servings into 16-20 Al. oz. / Day. I blew through mine in 1mo. This catabolic gap is the difference between the nutrition needed to gain and the calories actually consumed. Everyone's body is different and I wouldn't say that I have a weak or sensitive stomach, but this product is definitely not for me. This is called the catabolic gap or negative calorie balance.  CytoSport Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: For certain items sold by Walmart on Walmart.com, the displayed country of origin information may not be accurate or consistent with manufacturer information. Copyright 2016 Healthnotes, Inc. “I've been using this product for some time now. Supplement Facts - see image above.

The optimal time for a serving of CytoGainer is 30-45 minutes immediately after your workout. CytoGainer provides a stable and enduring fuel, enhanced to drive growth nutrients into your thirsty muscles! The Muscle milk brand is dedicated to helping athletes recover and rebuild muscle, helping them prepare for the next challenge. But with goals similar to mine, stay away from this product. Individual nutritional requirements vary depending on gender, body weight, level of activity and exercise/training intensity. Our facilities are also inspected and regulated by the FDA. Additionally, barbs help activate the powerful growth promoting hormone insulin that helps trigger transport of the amino acids from digested protein into muscle tissues. Our facilities are also inspected and regulated by the FDA. Put in the hard work and MUSCLE MILK GAINER will help close the nutrition gap so even the hardest gainer can make progress.

Over the years, we've expanded to create a Domprehensive line that enDompasses the athletic experience from preparation, to hydration, to recovery. All rights reserved. wow.health notes.com If you've ever had trouble really growing, or had trouble maintaining your hard-earned size, CatoGainer product was designed specifically for you. Our products are among the very few that are manufactured in a NSF International GDP for Sport Registered facility. Combined with a serious strength training regimen and a sensible, healthy diet, you will notice immediate gains in muscle mass and bodyweight when supplementing with Cyto Gainer. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CytoGainer™ gives you large portions of protein and carbohydrates, without the fat and sugar. Mega Retail Store Mega Retail Store In addition to Walmart.com items, we offer you products from our Marketplace Retailer partners to give you a wide range of choices. Muscle Milk Gainer, ChocolateGluten-Free. Another potential advantage is that rice protein contains a high proportion of arginine, an amino acid that can dilate blood vessels, possibly enhancing blood flow to muscles. Rice is not a “complete” protein however; it doesn't supply all the essential amino acids.